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Wordless Wednesday : My Kid Fell Asleep While…

My Kid Fell Asleep While


The other day I was doing some work around the house when it got very quiet. I took a peek at my daughter who was happily coloring moments before to find her sawing logs with a crayon still in hand. I wonder if she’s dreaming of herself as Pinky and the purple crayon 🙂

What funny things have your kids fell asleep doing? I’d love to hear in a comment!


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5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday : My Kid Fell Asleep While…”

  1. Mer says:

    How adorable! I’ve seen falling asleep over a book, but never a coloring book.

  2. Evelyn says:

    Lol kids fall asleep in the funniest places. I saw one on youtube sleep on a table

    1. Brynn says:

      haha! too funny!

  3. kelly Nicholson says:

    LOL..That pic will be a classic!

  4. JR Frugalmom says:

    Now that is just precious – what a great book for the memory book.