Who say’s you can’t play with your food? You can with these Burt and Ernie Fruit Snacks! | Mommy Digger

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Who say’s you can’t play with your food? You can with these Burt and Ernie Fruit Snacks!

Bert and Ernie Fruit Snack
(image source: Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons)

I came across these adorable fruit snacks today and just had to share. Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons came up with these Bert and Ernie fruit snacks using 1 clementine, 1 banana, raisins, 2 mini marshmallows, and 1 red fruit roll up. So creative and fun and I just had to share! Learn how to make this fruit art yourself at Kitchen Fun with my 3 Sons, check it out!

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16 thoughts on “Who say’s you can’t play with your food? You can with these Burt and Ernie Fruit Snacks!”

  1. Tiff says:

    What a great idea.. Love it!

  2. kiran says:

    following you

  3. Little Miss Kate says:

    Wow those are too cute! I bet they had a blast eating them too.

    Thanks for stopping by Little Miss Kate, hope to see you back again soon!

  4. Yoli @ Apron Senorita says:

    Delicious and adorable. Love the creativity.

  5. Amanda Mollenhour says:

    So adorable!!

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  6. MamaSpaghetti says:

    Those are freakin’ awesome!

  7. Sarah Coulsey says:

    Hello. I am your newest follower thanks to Whimsical Wednesday! I have a follower link up on Tuesdays if you are interested!!

    Have a great day!!



  8. Ashley @ Simply Designing says:

    Hi! I just wanted to stop by and let you know that today I announced my Soda Stream Giveaway winner. You *might* want to check my blog to see who won :):):)


    1. Brynn says:

      Woo hoo! Thank you so much! Just sent over all my info :)

  9. Savings is Free says:

    I love your Burt and Ernie, Following you back. Thank You.

  10. Ro @ Mommy MindSpa says:

    SOOO cute! Will definitely have to make those!!
    new follower!
    Ro :)
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  11. Jennifer says:

    OMG! (my 2 year olds newest favorite saying) These are absolutely adorable!

    I love reading your blog! So many Ideas…now just to find the time! :)

  12. Claire says:

    seriously brilliant! my 3yo would eat so much more fruit if i just did something like this!


  13. Aimee says:

    Those look adorable! I am going to have to try them!

  14. Jen says:

    OMG it looks just like them…very cool.

    Thank you for joining us on the Alexa Hop, hope you have a great week.