I Am In Love… With Our Pergo XP Flooring!

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I’ve recieved so many emails asking about how our Pergo XP flooring has been holding up so I thought it would be a great time to give an update. First off, let me just say that I am in love. Our Pergo XP floor has been installed for 3 months now and has seen it all to say the least – Pinky dropping and dragging toys over it, our 70lbs dog running back and forth on it, our cat puking, and the worst of all our dog pooping, diarrhea to be exact, all over it and running through it (yeah, that was a bad end to the day when we got home.) Our flooring has truly seen it all in these past 3 months, BUT, I’m very happy to say that it looks as good as the day we installed it! There are NO scratches, NO dents, NO divots and NO marks! Even with our dog running back and forth along virtually the same path throughout the day to go outside the floor looks great. I am very impressed with Pergo XP and how perfect it looks even with all its already been put through in these 3 months! It truly can take on anything even in the high traffic areas of your home.

Even though the room is not finished yet, I wanted to share some photos of how beautiful the flooring looks. We are having our built-ins installed (hopefully soon), but until then we are we are waiting to finish the moulding and finishing touches and I’m chomping at the bits to have our built-in bookshelves installed! So here it is, our beautiful Hand Sawn Oak Oak Pergo XP floor -

Pergo XP Durablity 3 Months

Pergo XP Durablity 3 months CloseupA close-up of our Pergo XP flooring, you can see an example of what our dogs does to wood with the moulding at the top of the photo. You wouldn’t know it by looking at our floors, there is not a mark on them!

If you are looking for a floor that is beautiful and durable to boot you should definitely check out the Pergo XP line! It will stand up to everything you, your kids and your furry kids put it through and come out each time looking perfect! Stay tuned for a photo of our finished room! I am beyond excited to have the built-in bookshelves installed and I’m also thinking of doing a window seat in the bay window area. It will be the perfect little spot to cozy up and read a book with Pinky!

We received our Pergo XP flooring for purpose of this honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post was written by me and not edited by anyone.


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47 thoughts on “I Am In Love… With Our Pergo XP Flooring!

  1. I love this flooring design,looks like old vacation house,very relaxing ambiance.
    Angel Collins recently posted..OSHA Gets Serious About Modernizing Its Injury and Illness Data CollectionMy Profile

  2. The floor looks really nice!
    Julia recently posted..Free Sample of Garnier Pure CleanMy Profile

  3. Wow, it looks great! And, glad to hear that it is holding up well! Durability is so important!

  4. looks beautiful
    fancygrlnancy (Nancy partin) recently posted..Bob The Builder: Here To Help DVD ReviewMy Profile

  5. that is a very nice floor

  6. Lynne

    I am so envious! I so prefer the look of wood flooring to that of carpet, and would love to “upgrade” to Pergo from our very trashed (already done when we moved in) wooden flooring. How long did the install take?

    • Brynn

      I love this flooring so much more than our real hardwood (which gets trashed so easily) we installed it ourselves in 2 days it was very easy and actually kinda fun, like fitting puzzle pieces together, I really can’t say enough good things about this floor and am so thankful for how truly durable it is.

      • Did you ever say how many ft² you covered? Trying to compare the time it took you to install per square feet of floor. We have almost 900ft² that we would like to try and install ourselves once we decide on a floor and I am not sure how long it would end up taking. We really wanted real hardwoods but after comparing prices (solid hardwood + professional installation vs laminate and DIY) I really think going DIY and choosing laminate is the cost-effective route for our first home.

        I was never a fan of laminate, but after doing some research I ran across your blog and then went to HD with my wife last night to look at Pergo XP. While, many of the cheaper laminates were still not my style, I was genuinely impressed with the Pergo XP (we both really liked the Cross-Sawn Chestnut). Thanks for the heads up.

        • Brynn

          Hi Jamie, I loved the Cross-Sawn Chestnut as well, it was our 2nd choice and is lovely. We covered 230 square feet and it took us a couple of days though we weren’t working non-stop either. The Pergo laminate does look so much nicer than the other laminates and that’s why we choose to go with it too. It holds up so nicely and we love it!

          • Thanks for answering so quickly. I will definitely look into this further.

  7. Need to look into this some more. Our dining room floor is in big need of replacement. Thanks for sharing.
    kewkew recently posted..Making Finger PaintMy Profile

  8. it looks beautiful!!!

  9. Hi,
    Thanks for posting this information. The flooring looks great, we are looking at the Highland Hickory XP but like the look of the Hand Saw Oak you used. My family has some issues with asthma, did you notice any strong smells from the flooring after installation? Or any other air quality concerns from the flooring?


    • Brynn

      Hi Janie,

      Thank you! There were no odors or smells after during or after installation. My husband is an asthma sufferer too and it hasn’t affected our air quality at all. We love it, its VERY durable! Best of luck installing your new flooring. I’m sure you’ll love PergoXP as much as we do.

  10. Marjorie Sharp

    Hi Brynn, I am wondering if you still like your floor? I read in another post that you were thinking about getting Highland Hickory and in this post you said you went with something different. Was there an issue with the Highland Hickory? We are just about to call Home Depot and tell them to order our flooring which is Pergo Highland Hickory XP. We put our sample through tests no floor should have to go through and it did the best out of about 2 dozens samples. BUT, I decided to search reviews before I called Home Depot and I have come across some truly terrible reviews about things I never thought of. I heard that XP ‘moves’ when walked on, separates and leaves gaps, and is so rough it is painful to walk on. AND basically that PERGO will not really stand behind their guarantee. (Some reviews were on Pergo’s Facebook page.) Oh, and something I noticed about our sample is that it has no shine and kind of already looks old. I am curious, did you have any of these issues with your new floor? Also, if you don’t mind my asking, did PERGO give you your flooring in exchange for a review? (That’s what I thought you said in your other post before you installed the flooring.) We are doing our entire home and are spending thousands. Now I’m afraid to get it. Thanks in advance for any feedback you are willing to share. BTW: Your flooring looks very nice, and like real wood. =)

    • Brynn

      Hi Marjorie, We went with Hand Sawn Oak. I don’t know of any issues with the Highland Hickory. We installed it ourselves and have had none of the issues that you mention no gaps, doesn’t move when we walk on it and it isn’t at all rough or painful to walk on. Our floor still has shine and looks as good as the day we installed it even though it is at the entrance to our home and gets a lot of traffic. We did receive our flooring in exchange for our honest review. I can understand your hesitations after reading these reviews but I can confidently say that I would recommend it to anyone looking to redo their flooring that wants a high end hardwood look that is also very durable. Best of luck to you deciding on your new flooring!

      • Marjorie Sharp

        Thank you so much for sharing your experience with PERGO XP. Your positive experience is really making me lean toward purchasing the PERGO XP. I am headed to my sisters with many samples to have her help me decide which XP color to go with. One last question… Do you think the floors look super rustic (almost industrial?) My house is mostly ‘country’ but my living room is somewhat formal (although I am thinking of changing it since I am having to get new furniture anyway.) Although I love the XP look I am not sure how the rustic style will look with anything but country or industrial furniture. THANK YOU again for sharing YOUR experience. Margie S.

        • Brynn

          I actually choose the Hand Sawn Oak because it is formal, yet rustic looking! Did you decide on a color yet?

  11. i am doing my entire 1600 SFT home in this same color and type this weekend. CANT WAIT!! my wife and i are doing it along so its gonna be one busy weekend. we have a very large great dane that truly puts the great in great dane, a small schnauzer and two kids. this flooring is def going to be put to the test

    • Brynn

      Good luck! I hope your project is running smoothly and possibly done :) It is certainly going to be put to the test with your puppys and kids! Ours is nearly a year old now and still looks as good as the day we installed it.

      • Jeri H

        We are considering Pergo XP for our townhouse remodel. We are concerned about the sound of the floor when it is walked on, e.g. the hollow, or popping sound that laminate floors have had in the past. How does your Pergo floor sound?

        • Brynn

          We have not experienced any hollow sounds or popping sounds at all with our Pergo floors, I think the padding attached does a really great job insulating it to prevent all the noises that laminate floors can make.

        • Hi Jeri, could you please tell me if you installed the highland hickory in Pergo XP in your 1600 sq ft? We are scheduled for install the first of April in the same flooring in approximately 1700 sq ft. It’s a lot of money and the entire house and want to make sure it’s good stuff! Thank you very much!

    • I was wondering how you felt about the Pergo XP now? I am having the Highland Hickory installed in approximately 1700 sq ft and on a slab. Can you give me your opinion on it?

      • Brynn

        Hi Cindy, I still love our Pergo XP floors. They look as beautiful as the day we installed them and have held true to the indestructible claims. You’re going to love it!

  12. LOVE your floor and I am on back order waiting for my Pergo Hand Sawn Oak. I was just wondering if you added any additional padding under your laminate? I know that this Pergo comes with an attached pad but was worried it would still be too noisy. Do you feel like it is noisy?

    • Brynn

      We didnt do any additional padding only what was attached is on our floors but it is not noisy at all. You’ll love the Hand Sawn Oak, its gorgeous!

  13. Beth

    Hi Brynn,
    Thanks for your informative review and opinion on your Pergo flooring, I am almost 100% sure to go with it and replace our carpet, I am thinking also about doing the kitchen in it, it is just my husband and I so I think it will be fine but not sure, do you have an opinion about that? Also in your opinion should I use same color throughout or would a different color in kitchen be okay? We were looking at Asheville Hickory but it is so hard to decide with the little samples they give you.

    • Brynn

      Hi Beth,

      I would cover all my floors with it too if I could afford to right now :) I love the Pergo XP flooring. I think a different color in the kitchen would be fine as long as the colors compliment one another. I had a hard time deciding on a color too but I love the Hand Sawn Oak we chose :)

      • Question for you…We are looking at putting the same Pergo XP in our entry, living room, kitchen and hallway. We have five kids, a dog and I do in home child care. I am extreamly concerned about how it will handle the wear and tear of all the traffic and am reading very mixed reviews on the internet. I have also read several that discourage use of any laminate flooring in the kitchen due to moisture, etc. I would love to hear any feedback you would have for me.

        • Brynn

          Hi Carrie,

          I really love our Pergo XP still, it’s very durable and looks beautiful. We have it in our living room and entryway and it’s held up wonderfully with my 70lbs dog and a rowdy toddler :) I can’t vouch for it holding up in a kitchen setting but I don’t see why not, it’s built very tough and its guaranteed for life in a residential home.

  14. Your floor is exactly what we are looking at for our front room/dinning area. Thank you for the review, it’s helping to put my mind at ease. Our kids are all grown, but we have two dogs that I’m worried about beating the floor up, along with my husband who is not the most careful. I’m glad to hear that it is wearing well.

    On a non-flooring note, what color paint did you use for the tan wall in the picture? We’re also looking for a paint color, and this is the color that I had in mind.

  15. KevinT

    I was hoping you could tell me what you used in between rooms. I am about to install this and seeing that the moldings are not the same look, just the same color. What did you use?

    • Brynn

      We used the Pergo XP moldings but they are in the same shade as our floors and match the same look too.

  16. Kati

    Wow stunning! Thanks for sharing. Where did you purchase the floor for that price? Do you know how long of warranty you got?

    There’s a store near us but its $3.45sq ft. Which seems a little on the high side.


    • Kati

      Ps..was there an attached pad? Thanks!

      • Brynn

        Yes :)

    • Brynn

      The pricing I have was from The Home Depot. The warranty for residential use is lifetime and yes the pad is on the boards already. It’s really great, durable flooring and looks wonderful!

  17. Where did you buy the flooring? Thanks.

    • Brynn

      Hi Kati! I was provided the flooring by Pergo for this review. However it is available at The Home Depot :)

  18. Heather

    We are in the process of finalizing a decision on our floors. How have yours been holding up, Brynn, after 2 years?We have kids, cleats, lots of summer runs between the restroom and the pool, an 84 lb. lab and are looking to add a boxer to the family. I need floors that will hold up to play and traffic over the test of time. I only want to do these floors once!

    • Brynn

      They are holding up great! One note, (as for all wood and laminate floors) just don’t let any water sit for long – it will bubble a bit. I do wash with water and vinegar and they are doing great! You wouldn’t know 2 unruly toddlers and a crazy 70lbs dog live here!

  19. Kristy

    Hi. I have this same floor and LOVE it. However I have had a hard time finding a good cleaner that doesn’t show footprints streaks or just a film over it. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Brynn

      I keep it simple and I either use a steam mop or simple vinegar and water – it does a great job and doesn’t leave any film.

      • Tom

        You should NOT use a steam mop on laminate floor. This is right in the cleaning instructions that came with Pergo XP

  20. Joni

    Your floors are gorgeous! I came across your blog looking for Pergo XP reviews. We are thinking of installing it in our kitchen, are you still loving yours? Thanks so much for the review!

    • Brynn

      The floors still look great, one warning as goes with all hard floors though, don’t let any water sit for a long period of time – it will bubble! Other than one small spot where water sat too long our floors are holding up beautifully. Our 65lbs lab/pit is on it all the time and you would have no idea by looking at our floors.

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