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Burt’s Bees® Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin Review (BzzAgent)

Burt's Bees

I always love to find new skincare products that are more natural and easy on my sensitive skin. I really love the Burt’s Bees haircare products and I was excited to try out their new Natural Acne Solutions line. I tried out the Sensitive Facial Cleanser and the Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream.

Burt's Bees Sensitive Facial CleanserBurt's Bees Sensitive Daily MoisturizerThe Sensitive Facial Cleanser has worked really well for my skin. It’s gentle and doesn’t make my skin red and irritated and has kept my skin pretty clear. I really love the nice cotton smell it has leaving my face smelling fresh and clean. It thicker like a lotion and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. It also does a nice job of removing my make-up at the end of the day. I’m really pleased with the Sensitive Facial Cleanser and the price is reasonable at $10 for a 6oz tube. Plus, its 99% natural!

The Sensitive Daily Moisturizing Cream has kept my skin nicely moisturized though some days I’ve used it morning and night because sometimes I have really dry spots. It goes on nice, doesn’t feel greasy and doesn’t cause any redness or irritation. This moisturizer is a bit pricey at $15 for 1.8oz but does work nicely and it is also 99% natural.

Disclosure: I received this product at no cost for a Bzz Agent campaign to share my opinions of the product. All opinions stated are my own and I was not compensated in any way for a positive review.



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12 thoughts on “Burt’s Bees® Natural Skin Solutions for Sensitive Skin Review (BzzAgent)”

  1. Becky Davis says:

    I should try this with my son. nothing seems to work well for him. thanks for sharing this review!

  2. jenn says:

    I am a fan of Burts Bees but havent yet tried the daily moisturizing cream

  3. DebrasDollars says:

    Great review! I love their sensitive moisturizing cream.
    debrasdollars (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Rachel R. says:

    Thanks for posting this review. My skin has been freaking out lately and I’ve been looking for more natural skin care products.

  5. Jan Messali says:

    I love Burt’s Bees baby products. I didn’t know they had a Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. Thanks for the review.

  6. Crystal Mexico says:

    Thank you for sharing this review! I hear a lot of really good things about Burts Bees, I need to try some of this stuff.

  7. Ada Miller says:

    I was a part of this campaign too & i really liked the Burt’s Bees facial cleanser & moisturizer. However it did have a funny feel to it though when washing with the cleanser,but i still love it! Great review by the way!

  8. Christina Gould says:

    I’ve never tried Burt’s Bees, but it must be good because they sell it everywhere. Thanks for the info!

  9. Todd T says:

    I love stuff from Burts Bees – will be getting some of this.

  10. Cynthia says:

    I like your review. A lot of natural skin products I’ve read in online. Basically, its very interesting sensitive skin products and I am looking forward to try this burt’s bee product. Hopefully, I could
    find it effective unlike other skin treatments I been using.

  11. Linda says:

    I always use moisturizer after my daily baths. Yes, taking regular bath can help cleanse the skin from everyday dirt which is found anywhere. Even air-conditioned room can accumulate dirt. So it is a must for one to have a thorough wash on the skin. In this process though takes out natural moisture or oil so here comes the moisturizer answer to its deficiencies.