Aflac Real Cost Calculator – Helping Families Avoid Costly Medical Expenses

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consultingfor Aflac. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.

AflacMedical insurance can be a giant headache. Figuring out what is and isn’t covered depending on your plan can be completely frustrating and there are bound to be out of pocket costs that are unexpected. In December of last year Pinky had a terrible case of the flu, throwing up over and over again. So, we brought her to the ER they treated her with an anti-vomiting medication and made sure she could hold down fluids. We were there for a few hours and a few months later a bill for over $300 came. I had anticipated only paying my $50 co-pay since it was an ER visit but apparently it’s only covered at 100% once you meet your deductible. I was completely caught off guard with this bill and certainly didn’t have a spare $300 sitting around.

The Aflac Real Cost Calculator is a useful tool that breaks down the costs of medical care for medical emergencies or illnesses and gives you a expected amount that you’ll have to pay out of pocket, and like me you’d be surprised. I went through and had it figure out a few of my potential out of pocket costs and it’s surprising  If one of the kids had a broken leg, I’d expect to pay $1,420 out of my pocket and God forbid I ever get breast cancer go through the harsh treatment and be left with a bill for $11,500 on top of it all. It’s just downright scary and would easily drive some families into bankruptcy when you have all the normal daily living expenses to keep up with as well.

Aflac Real Cost Calculator

Aflac takes some of the financial worries and burdens when you or someone in your family is sick or hurt. Their policies will help with the costs of daily living, out of pocket hospital expenses or short-term disability to help pay your bills when your unable to work. Having a medical crises is stressful and hard enough on it’s own so having a plan that can help alleviate some of the stresses so you or your family member can just focus on getting better is completely worth it. Try the Aflac Real Cost Calculator for yourself to see what you might to expect to pay out of pocket for medical expenses and find out how Aflac can help.

What unexpected medical costs have you had to deal with? How do you or are you already prepared for unexpected medical expenses?

I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Aflac. I received a promotional item as a thank you for participating.


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5 thoughts on “Aflac Real Cost Calculator – Helping Families Avoid Costly Medical Expenses

  1. Margot C

    Aflac is such an awesome thing. I’ll admit that I noticed them long ago because of their catchy commercials with the duck, but my husband bought a policy there. We’ve never once had to use it (we’ve just been incredibly lucky) but it’s so great to know it’s there. Like you say, one simple problem and we could be wiped out.

  2. Medical scares are hard enough without the financial burdens it can bring, Aflac offers a great service.

  3. Ash

    Hm.. Interesting.. Aflac is pretty great. Never really thought about changing services though.

  4. That’s a pretty neat and very helpful tool. Three years ago our son broke his arm, just as we were in between insurances. In fact, he did it the day after our old insurance expired ……

    • Brynn

      oh man! That stinks about his broken arm and the timing too!

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