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aacua by maamam review : a soft and versatile towel that grows with your child!

accua by maamam

accua towel apron

Baby Digger loves taking baths, she loves playing with her bath toys and splashing her hands in the water. After we’ve had our fun and bath time is over I pull her out of the tub, hold her close to me and scramble to get her in a warm towel before she gets too cold. After all this I’m soaked! The aacua towel by maamam is the solution to all these issues and more! The aacua towel can be used as an apron during bath time by securing it around your neck and at the end of bath time you simply take your little one out of the tub and wrap them in the aacua towel and place the hood over thier head, thus baby Digger is warm and I’m dry! The accua towel is not only an apron for mom and a warm hooded towel for infants, it can also be used as a wearable towel for toddlers or to swaddle your newborn in – I love products that will be useful as your child grows and the accua towel is just that!

accua towel by maamam review

wrapped in the accua towelThe accua towel also prevents you from having to scramble to a towel after a bath making it safer by allowing you to keep your hands free and 100% focus on your baby when moving from the tub to the towel. It’s made of thick 100% cotton and is so soft and absorbent, it’s honestly the softest towel I’ve ever had. Another cool feature of the accua towel is the colored tabs to help guide you thru what tab goes where for swaddling, using it as an apron or as a wearable towel. We love our accua towel, it makes bath time simpler and safe!

Buy It
aacua towels can be purchased at maamam.com for $42.00 in your color trim choice of aqua, green, yellow, pink or orange. You can even personalize your towel with your name, it would make a wonderful shower gift!


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2 thoughts on “aacua by maamam review : a soft and versatile towel that grows with your child!”

  1. Cricket @ Thrifty Texas Penny says:

    Such a neat product. I wish I had known about this when my kids were younger. But then again at $42 each I probably wouldn’t have bought them anyway LOL. New follower from the whimsical wednesday hop.

  2. MageeMommy says:

    That looks so handy!

    Stopping by to say Hi from I Love BLogging Hop. 🙂